How to Create a Copywriting Guide for Your Team

Recently on an Ask Me Anything video I hosted on Facebook Live, Janioris asked, “How long does it take your team to absorb your brand language and what can you do to help that along?”

This question was so timely because I recently had a hilarious conversation with my content team about this very topic. *More on that later!*

>>Whenever anyone is creating content on behalf of you or your brand, it’s important that they understand your voice.<<

It’s crucial that your brand voice is consistent across all platforms, including:

  • Newsletters
  • Blog posts
  • Podcast episodes
  • Social media posts
  • Website pages

>>In order to help your team understand your brand voice, I encourage you to create a Copywriting Guide.<<

Recently, my team and I created a Copywriting Guide for Social Curator and boy, do I wish you could see it!

*Like I said earlier, this conversation is VERY timely.*

In my Copywriting Guide, my copywriters wrote down a list of “Jasmine-isms” like:

  • “Jasmine is a first generation college student and the daughter of Mexican and Puerto Rican parents.”
  • “She takes hot baths a lot.”
  • “Jasmine loves tacos and margaritas.”
  • “She doesn’t cook, clean, or do laundry.”

How EMBARRASSING, right? *But it is pretty true…*

They also wrote down words that I typically use to address my audience, such as:

  • Buttercup
  • Dreamer
  • Friend
  • Hustler

This is important because when a new copywriter joins my team, they will know not to use words like “Boss Babe” or “Fempreneur,” but rather “Dreamer” or “Hustler” in their writing.

>>Since creating a Copywriting Guide, everyone on the Social Curator Content Team is on the same page with our language and everything that is posted on my company’s behalf is branded and cohesive.<<

If you’re not sure what information to add to your Copywriting Guide, I recommend you start with the language your ideal client uses. To help you identify them, download my free guide >>HERE<< that will walk you through how to identify, engage with, and market to your ideal client.

*It’s sure to give you a clear plan to grow your business with the RIGHT customers, using language that resonates with THEM!*