How to Create a Cover Photo for Your Reel

When it comes to creating content the struggle can feel very real… especially when you’re wearing alllllll the hats in your business:

  • CEO
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Content Creator
  • Photographer
  • You name it… you’re in charge of it! 

Oh, friend. I’ve been there. In fact, for years it was just my husband and I taking messy, scrappy action to get where we are today. 

This is why I’ll take any helpful hack or tip that’ll help me work smarter, not harder. Like adding a cover photo to your Reel or Instagram Live will boost your engagement! 

Sounds easy, right? But when you don’t have a photographer, it can get complicated really quickly. 

How to Create a Cover Photo for Your Reel

Allow me to make your life a little easier today by sharing how I create a cover photo when I don’t have someone to take a photo of me:

1. Use the hands-free feature in an Instagram story to record a short video.

2. Be sure to pause/hold a pose for two seconds in 2-3 poses.

3. Save the Instagram story.

4. Open the story you just saved to your iPhone, then press the edit button. Advance to part of the video of the pose you like.

5. Screenshot the pose, then crop out what you don’t need.

6. Upload the screenshot to an Instagram story to add text.

7. Upload your Reel or Instagram Live, then upload the cover photo you added text to.

There you have it, friend! One more hack in your social media marketing toolkit! 

Of course, editing tips and tricks are great when you already know what content you’re creating, but if you’re feeling stuck and want help getting started it can be frustrating and overwhelming. 

Guess what?

I’ve been there too, which is why I couldn’t be more thrilled to support your content ideation process by providing you with some ideas to get you started! 

When you film a Reel (or any other content you create), be sure to offer value to your audience by:

  • Educating,
  • Empowering, and
  • Entertaining. 

An easy way to educate your audience is by sharing tutorials or tips and tricks (like this blog post!).

An easy way to empower your audience is by sharing personal insights and encouraging them to take action in their own lives. (*bonus* points if the action you empower them to take is related to your business!) 

An easy way to entertain your audience is by sharing content that makes them laugh, cry, or simply feel inspired. (Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a comedian or an actor, just an authentic person they can relate to.)

This is just the tip of the content-creating iceberg… There’s a whole lot more where that came from!

Looking for more ideas before you get started? 

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