How to Create a Job Opportunity Page for Your First Hire

When I decided to hire my first team member, I was completely overwhelmed.

  • How would I find them?
  • Could I afford it?
  • What would they even DO?

>>But I realized if I want to create the business of my dreams, I need to act TODAY like the person I want to become TOMORROW.<<

Since then, the Social Curator team has grown to over 15 employees and independent contractors working remotely all over the United States and I have learned a lot of lessons getting here… especially when it comes to creating a job opportunity page to attract the right applicants.

>>This could be a page on LinkedIn, Indeed, or UpWork, or simply be housed on your website.<<

Below are 4 elements to include on your job opportunity page:

  1. One or two paragraph description of your business including what you do, who you serve, and what your long-term goals are.
  2. One or two paragraph summary of the job position including day-to-day responsibilities, how they would know if they are a great fit, and the qualifications you are looking for in applicants.
  3. A few points on why someone would want to apply for this position such as job security, remote work, or a fun-loving environment.
  4. A deadline to apply along with application instructions, such as sending you an email with their resume and the results from their Myers-Briggs Personality Test, as well as a 2-minute introduction video on why they are the perfect candidate.

*And no, you do not need to have the salary or hourly wage of the position you are accepting applications for. This can be discussed during your onboarding process, sweet friend!*

Now, it’s time to start accepting applications. Start sharing your job opportunity page on social media and job search websites, and email it to those you trust!

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