How To Curate A New Instagram Feed To Attract Potential Customers

This one is for y’all who just started a new Instagram account for your business and want to know what types of posts will attract potential customers.

How’s that for a one-line thesis like we learned back in high school? *hair flip*

Let me get right to it:

>>Curate your Instagram feed to be 80% of the thing you want customers to buy.<<

This means:

  • If you’re a newborn photographer, approximately 9 out of 12 posts should be of babies
  • As a lash specialist, 80% of your posts should be of lashes
  • For a brick and mortar shop, 6 out of 8 posts should be of your products

Here are a few ideas for the other 20%:

  • Showcase you as as a professional
  • Your creative approach
  • What makes you different
  • Where you’re networking
  • The events you’re attending

>>When you use Instagram strategically for your business your goal is to position you as an authority.<<

Why would they buy from you and not everyone else doing what you do?

You might say your market is saturated, there is so much competition in your industry and your area is filled with others in your line of work.

Let me deal it to you straight buttercup because I’m a straight shooter: Every market is saturated with people who have more resources, are more talented, have more connections, with a rich daddy… The list goes on and on.

>>You are not a special snowflake in your hustle to build a business.<<

So again, the question then becomes: How do YOU stand out?

You can only ask yourself this question. I know what makes ME different: I show up every day on Instagram and Facebook, go live 3 times per week and post 2 produced videos per week.

I know that I am invested in building relationships, the 1:1 connection with someone who replied to my Instagram story or asked me a question in a Facebook post.

*I care, and that’s what makes me different.*

So what kind of content you should you post on Instagram? 80% the thing you want to sell and 20% content that positions you as an authority.

But don’t forget about that human connection, boo. In an online world full of bots and automated responses, THAT is what will get you noticed.