How to Deal with Haters + Doubters

Friend, please stop caring what other people think/say/whisper behind your back.

>>The judgment of your haters + doubters doesn’t pay your bills, so don’t let their opinions stop you from standing in your purpose.<<

The truth is, I want people to like me, but I don’t care if they do.

This outlook has empowered me to focus on serving others, follow my dreams, and be proud of the life I’m creating…

And I want the same for you.

Listen, sweet cakes…

  • People WILL talk about you.
  • People WILL judge you.
  • People WILL have an opinion.

If you pursue your dream, they WILL look at what you’re doing and want to do the same…BUT THEY DO NOT HAVE THE COURAGE TO BE MEDIOCRE.

>>They aren’t willing to sit in the suck while they endure the pain of the journey… But YOU are.<<

Let them talk, Buttercup. Let them talk while you WORK.

Put your head down and focus on your dream, not their doubts.

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