How to Define Success

The 21st century definition of success isn't concrete, but often times people are considered successful if they drive a luxury car, live in a multi-million dollar home, have a lot of social media followers, and/or travel the world. But let me be honest: it is very easy to get caught up with notions of success, but they belongs to someone else entirely. As entrepreneurs we're tempted to look at others and long for what they have simply because we don't have it…but do we even want it? That's the most important question. How you define your success will guide and direct your future decisions, so please be very careful as you move forward. You are the captain of your destiny, so stay away from tempestuous waters that might sway your ship.

Please know…
Working as a part-time business owner is okay.
Not running a large company is okay.
Not having employees is okay.
Not making a million dollars a year is okay.

I doubt the above paragraph is grammatically correct, but I tried to show that what others consider success might be the last thing you want. It is okay (and totally suggested) for you to make your own rules, play your own game, and succeed on your terms.

While I wouldn't mind having luxurious things (I wouldn't complain if I lived in a mansion!), they wouldn't define success. Why? Because if getting the mansion meant working so much I couldn't create every day or make my family a meal to eat together (two of many things that define success for me), then I would be left empty and unfulfilled.

Having things isn't success; living the life of your dreams is.