How to Design Your Website to Attract Dream Customers

Designing your website can be hard, I get it. But designing a website to attract dream customers can be impossible if you don’t know where to begin.

I’m sharing my recent website launch (yay!!) with help from an amazing team…and walking you through how you can do the same thing for your business!

Before working with the amazing team at GoLiveHQ to design the site, they walked me through an amazing process to consider how design of a website attracts customers.  But in order for us to attract the RIGHT customers, we have to understand our brand messaging, aesthetic, and purpose.

This video and Q+A explains how it worked for me and how I know it'll work for you.

How to Design a Website to Attract Dream Customers

00:42 – How to design a website to attract dream customers
01:49 – New Jasmine Star website revealed
02:39 – Branding consultation
03:56 – If your brand was a person, what would their personality be like?
05:34 – If your brand was a person, what brand of clothing would they wear?
06:37 – What 3 words do you want your brand/website to feel like? High-end, simple, clean, etc.
08:31 – Describe your ideal client in vivd detail.
11:31 – Creating a Pinterest board
15:50 – Should I feature more of who I am and what the experience is like working with me on the home page or the eyes of photography I do on the home page?
18:55 – How often should we consider rebranding and building a new website? Why? And what’s the business benefit of changing it?
20:08 – Would it be detrimental to change my business name?
21:31 – I’d love to know if blogs and blogging are a thing of the past. Do potential clients even read them anymore? Should I utilize my blog to attract future clients and how should it be advertised so people know about a new post?
24:00 – How do you keep updated with all the marketing trends?
26:32 – Would you recommend a complete rebrand or slowly updating?
27:48 – I keep hearing you say go where your people are but how can we build our other platforms if we spend most of our time where we are already rocking it? What platforms should I spend the most time and effort on? Should I spend more time where I have the most engagement, or should I spend more time building where things are more quiet?
30:57 – I photograph multiple genres…should they have multiple websites?