How to Diversify & Pivot Your Business


Whenever I hear that word, I can’t help but envision Ross from Friends screaming it repeatedly as he unsuccessfully attempts to carry an oversized couch up a small staircase.

*Shout out to my fellow Friends fans that know the EXACT episode I’m referring to!*


Ross may have failed at pivoting the couch to make it up the stairs to his apartment, but sometimes pivoting can be the key to a business’s success.

I’ve made one or two or ten pivots in my career which were always preceded by diversified, thought-out strategies *unlike Ross’s couch example*. And although not every single pivot proved to be successful *like Ross’s couch example*, each one helped get me where I am today.

>>Each pivotal moment began with small micro-steps to help gain a better understanding of the market, which then led to enough momentum to make a change.<< 

“But Jasmine, how do you know when to pivot?”

Oh boo boo, I’m so glad you asked. I’m here to help!

Here’s are two ways you can pattern spot for pivots in your career *AKA when you hear your inner Ross Geller screaming “PIVOT”*:

Your idea is working and there’s demand for it…but you don’t like it.

Ask yourself these two questions:

  • How can you incorporate change in your business to include doing the things you like to do while excluding the things you don’t like?
  • What are you in a unique position to do or provide for your ideal client?

You think there’s a better way to do something…and you have the experience to make it happen.

Ask yourself these two questions:

  • What questions are you asked the most that you have the capability and know-how to answer?
  • How can you create a solution based on the proven demand of your ideal client and the conversations you’ve been having with them? 

By taking the time to carefully think through your answers to these questions, you’ll be able to develop a strategy to make powerful changes.

Friend, no matter how big or small a pivot may turn out to be, and no matter the pathway it takes to get there, this is the point where many people get stuck.

>>It’s important to consider the length of transition time and level of consistency it will take in order to make each pivot successful.<< 

Mark my words, this doesn’t happen overnight! It takes commitment to show up again and again and again, with little or no change to show for it.

But overtime, I can assure you that change WILL happen. 

>>Pivoting is a slow process, but you have to trust the process to make it through to the other side.<<

I believe in you, hustler. 

I believe you can “PIVOT” your way up that winding staircase to reach success.

And if my belief isn’t enough of a kick in the pants for you to do the heavy couch-lifting, what if I included some tools to help you reach the top of the steps?

*Why yes, as a matter of fact, I AM enjoying this Friends analogy way too much!*

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