How to Find a Digital Agency or a Manager as a Social Influencer


Last week I received an email from a talented hustler, who shall remain nameless.  Just trust me:  she's awesome.

She emailed me the following:

“I am looking for an agency that helps social media influencers collaborate with brands and grow their platforms. I have a strong social media platform with my podcast, website, and various handles. In addition I have a Facebook group specifically for my podcast. Can you recommend a digital talent agency or manager?”

I had thoughts on the matter, but I also turned my good friend Julie Solomon of The Influencer Podcast for her insight, which is allowed me to share with YOU today.


So, this can sometimes be a loaded question, depending on the need on the influencer.

There ARE influencer agencies out there that tend to represent bloggers, youtubers, and lifestyle type of influencers (popular ones include DBA, Socialyte, Simply Stylist, GleamFeatures, EstateFive to name a few) but it really depends on who the influencer is and the what they are looking for out of an agency / rep.
If you're looking for a specific agency, here's a list of questions to ask yourself first:

  • Do you (the influencer) need help acquiring more sponsored collaborations and partnerships?
  • Do you need help with licensing products or services?
  • Do you need support with the amount of requests they are receiving already that an agency could provide?
  • Are you looking to the agency to help elevate their overall platform, and if so, how?

I would say that if someone WANTED to be represented the questions they should ask themselves secondly are:

  • Why do I want to be represented?
  • What will representation help me with bandwidth wise that I can not currently handle myself?
  • How will representation elevate my brand?
  • How will representation alleviate my workload so I have more time to create?

And then the questions I would ask the agency would be:

  • How many influencers do you have on your roster currently?
  • How many influencers do you have on your roster that are similar to my brand / business currently?
  • What are 3 specific ways that you would help me (the talent) uplevel?
  • What do you see that is missing from my brand that you could provide?
  • Why do you want to work with me?
  • What is your long term vision for my brand and what short term goals will you put in place to ensure we get there?
  • Who are 3 influencers that you currently work with that came to you when they were at my level, and where are they now
  • …and how did you help them get there. (AGAIN — specifics!!)

I also make sure to carve out wording legally to protect my various revenue streams. If they want to mange you as an influencer, then that is one thing. But don't let them get you wrapped up into some kind of 360 deal where they get a piece of the whole pie.

The main thing to consider is understanding WHY you want to partner with an agency.

Representation can be awesome, but without a clear vision and set of expectations of how you want/need their help, the relationship will be off to a wonky start.

And never forget the most important thing:  YOU are the captain of your destiny, the compass of your desires.

Don't depend on others to get you want you want.  Create alliances that'll help you get where you want to go, cast a vision, then create content that leaves your followers happy, thankful, and excited to see what you create next.