How to Find a Mentor

I pushed open my bedroom door, dropped my bags to the floor, and flung myself onto my bed.  Then cried into a decorative pillow.

Does this sound dramatic?  Not yet?  Well, I let out a big scream for good measure in case you're wondering just how crazy I am.

I had just started my photography business and I felt alone.  So alone my bones ached.  I didn't know how/where/when to start and after a misguided business decision left me $657 poorer that afternoon, I felt desperately lost (cue decorative pillow cry fest here).

I knew I needed a mentor, but I didn't know how to find one.

I reached out to a few candidates, but no one accepted my offer.  Then I realized that my “offer” was all wrong.  I needed to find a way to help THEM, far before they ever helped ME.

This video explains how I made that happen…

I encourage you to find ways to create VALUE and TRUST from those you hope be mentored by.  Remember, you're uniquely qualified to share your gift and expertise, so step into the light.

Your time to shine has come.