How to Get Client Feedback


Dear Jasmine,
I love shooting weddings and feel like I pour my heart into my photos. When I send off the finished photos to the bride, I feel like I’m handing over a little piece of me. I get so excited to hear what the bride thinks… I wait, and wait… and wait.
Okay- so now to the actual question. Do you send a follow up survey? If so, other than “do you like the photos?”, what kinds of questions would you ask?

Dear Feedback-less,
Firstly, I have to say you’re not alone. As creatives, we look for affirmation from others, but–specifically–our clients because our work captured a moment in their lives. We’re allowed to share in intimate moments and document a deeply personal time, so of course we desire feedback. But sometimes we don’t get it.

I think it has less to do with your clients’ not liking your photos and more to do with their assumption you know they like them. After all, they hired you. Clients are attributing a large portion of their wedding budget to invest in your services, so naturally they’d assume you know they like your work. If they’re sharing their wedding photos on Facebook or using one of your photos as their new profile pictures, then rest assured…they like them.

If, however, you’re looking for ways to have clients express their feelings, it’s best to establish a relationship before the wedding. If your client interactions are largely transactional in nature (book a wedding, shoot an engagement session, shoot a wedding) without personal communication (send a hand-written note, surprise them with a gift, write on their Facebook wall, etc) then you can’t really expect them to treat you any differently than other business interactions. To put it simply, when is the last time you sent a thank you note to the guy who cut your hair? In most clients’ minds, you’re doing what they hired you to do…regardless of how personal you feel it is.

To answer your question, no, I don’t send a survey or any sort of post-wedding form for feedback. However, quite a few of my clients will send emails, notes, or gifts because along the course of our working relationship, we found ways to connect on a personal level. If you’d like feedback, I encourage you to find ways to care and connect with your clients throughout your working relationship. This will yield stronger communication and personal conversations that lead to written responses you desire.

Stay Fabulous,

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