How to get more engagement on social media posts

Let’s be honest. No one turns the tv on to watch commercials just like no one takes to social media to devour business posts.

I know you feel like the luckiest person in the world to be able to rise and grind every day and love (almost) every minute of it! But let’s be real, commercial packed posts don’t get many potential customers to slow their scroll.

Which is exactly why I encourage hustlers just like you to share more of what makes their business relatable. Things about you.

Trust me, as an introvert, I totally understand if that just made your hands sweat a little. But the truth is, people connect with the things that resonate with them. While I know you’re the best in the biz at what you do, you’ll be speaking to an empty audience if you only post about what you sell and how many ways you sell it.

That’s why you want to look at social media as the online party it is. The more relatable your content is, the more conversations you’ll start!

I’m not saying it’s going to happen overnight but with time my friend, you’ll attract followers who want to get in on the conversation you’re having.

Here’s to starting conversations on social media that drive engagement and get you on your ideal clients’ feed more often! The more they like and comment on your casual posts, the greater the chances of them seeing your business-related posts.

In order to help you step out of business mode and into social media slay mode, take these three tips with you!

  1. Share what you’re comfortable with. Talk to your audience the way you would with a friendly neighbor you bump into from time to time. The more you chat, the better you get to know one another!
  2. Give, give, give! You want to give your audience content that’s valuable to them more than you ask them to buy what you’re selling.
  3. Include them in the conversation. Whether it’s through questions or sharing things about yourself that build common ground, you want to invite your audience to engage in the conversation by giving them something to say.


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Much love, hustler, keep striving for what you want.