How to Get More Followers (and your first sale!) on Instagram

So, it happened unexpectedly.

I mean, who expects a meltdown? But, still. I was surprised either way.

It was my first year of law school, so I was sleep deprived, stressed, and survived solely on the Chipotle burritos I ate as I walked home from campus.  As much as I tried juggling school, finances, and a social life, I mostly felt was like I was letting everyone down.

Especially myself.

I felt the same way a year later as I juggled starting a photography business, working a part-time job, and learning how to make my husband dinner (still working on this one).  I was trying my best, but still felt a step behind.

Heck, who am I kidding? I felt 1,973 steps behind.

As a result, I just wanted to quit. But here’s the one thing I learned: quitters quit, hustlers keep moving.

And that’s what I want for you as part of her upcoming FREE Masterclass, “Unraveling the Instagram Algorithm : 7 Secrets to Engagement and Relevancy”.

If you’ve fallen behind or feel like it’s too late to use Instagram for your business, I want to give you a fast-pass for success.


In this class, I’ll show you…

  • How to easily write engaging Instagram captions
  • How ensure your profile leads to more sales
  • How to craft your brand message to attract the right clients
  • …and so much more!

It’s the speedpass to make up for any “falling-behind-ness”.  And the good news is I made sure to save you a front-row seat.

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When you register for this masterclass, you’ll receive 5 free stock photos…and when you attend live, you’ll receive another 5 free stock photos! (That’s TEN stock photos to help make your Instagram account shine!!).  This live class is going to take what you’ve learned and teach you how to apply it immediately for BIG results. Also, I’ll be answering questions, so if you show up live, I’d be honored to chat in person.

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