How To Get Your Business Seen on Instagram and Facebook

Welcome back to video two of the Next Level Entrepreneur series, where I am sharing highlights of a consultation I had with 4 brilliant entrepreneurs: Molly, Jenney. Ashley, and Katherine.

This video is all about how to get your business seen by more people through lead acquisition, understanding why people buy on social media in the first place, and using Facebook and Instagram ads with a proven strategy.

To generate leads in your specific area or to target your ideal client with content they actually want, I taught them 5 key steps. Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Brainstorm lead generation resources

Ask yourself: what does your ideal client need help with that you can give them for FREE?

>>Remember: People buy out of pain or pleasure.<<

Bring them in with pleasure in your freebie, highlight a pain that they need help with, and then you are perfectly positioned to be the solution to their problem.

Step 2: Create a few free opt-ins to generate leads

When creating your free resource, focus on creating benefits and value for your followers. Do not be afraid to give away “everything” for free in these resources: We build trust with our audience in full disclosure.

Step 3: See which lead opt-in is performing the best

A lot of times, the opt-in you least expected to perform the best is the one that takes off. Keep track of which opt-in is doing the best so you can get it seen by more people in steps 4 and 5.

Step 4: Do an educational Facebook live and reference that lead acquisition opt-in

Start the live video off by saying, “I’m going to walk you through how to [x, y, z] but if you go to my website, you can download my free guide on this topic.” Then continue to reference it and lead viewers to downloading the visual.

Step 5: Run ads and specifically target your ideal client

At this point, run two different ads and test their performance: One to the Facebook live and another to the actual lead acquisition. Tailor the ad to your dream customer using Social Curator Issue #14: How To Create Awesome Facebook Ads.

That, boo, is a proven, measurable strategy that you can start implementing in your business today to generate leads as soon as tomorrow.

Now I know we just covered a lot of steps, and I don’t want you getting inspired by too many ideas… Inspiration is good, but it doesn’t mean anything without ACTION.

Before all your ideas come in one, big tidal wave, be sure to download the free action guide to walk you through how to take these thoughts and put them into action!

I can’t wait to see you in video three, where I walk you through my process of sticking out from the competition, even if you feel like your competitors have bigger audiences, have more money, and–maybe–just feel a heck of a lot cooler than how you feel most days.

Don’t worry, friend, I’ll break things down so soon you’re going to feel like a butterfly in a long line of caterpillars. See you soon!