How to Grow a Facebook Group

When you think of an online community, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Chances are good that your answer was a Facebook group!

*Am I a mind reader or what?!*

Chances are also good that you’re a member of one or more Facebook groups.

*Am I right or am I right?!*

>>Facebook groups are a great way to connect with others who share similar interests in a more intimate, private setting.<<

If you have a business, having a Facebook group is a great way for your audience to congregate, ask questions, and share stories.

People tend to feel more comfortable within a group because they feel it is a safe space to be seen, heard, and understood.

I personally believe that growing a Facebook group will in turn grow your business.

But just like growing a business doesn’t happen overnight, neither does growing a Facebook group…especially if you’d like to do it the organic way without paying for ads!

>>Having a Facebook group takes time, commitment, and consistency.<<

Here are three steps that you can take to organically grow your own Facebook group and create an online community of your own!

Have a clear mission

Just as your business has a purpose, so should your Facebook group. There should be distinct benefits and values that someone should receive by being a member. 

What will make people want to click “Join Group”?

Have a clear member

You have an ideal client for your business, right? *If you don’t, download my FREE >>Ideal Client Workbook<< to find yours!*

Creating content becomes so much easier when you know who you’re speaking to. Having a clear member in mind will help you connect with the right people within your group, plus it’ll attract others!

Have a clear schedule

Boo boo, you’ve heard me say it time and time again:

>>Consistency is key.<<

Social media is all about showing up consistently and engaging with your audience. Determine how often you want to post and how often you’ll engage with activity that goes on inside of the group.

Friend, you know by now that I practice what I preach. I’ve created a private Facebook group for Social Curator members using the three principles from above, and overtime have built a fierce community of business owners.

Within the group, members receive group coaching, content creation sessions, guest masterclasses, and individualized attention on where their business is and where it’s headed. 

Believe me, this didn’t happen overnight, and it’s a constant work in progress, but it has made huge strides in a few short years! 

I have faith that you, too, can build and grow a Facebook group for your own business!

*I’m pretty much a mind reader, so you better believe me!*

Make the commitment and do the dang thing, Buttercup!