How To Make Your Instagram Feed PERFECT

Although I don’t necessarily believe in a perfect Instagram feed, as a professional photographer I do know there are a few things we can do to make our feed prettier. So, I’m breaking this down into 3 steps you can start applying today!

1. Light: The most visually-appealing feeds make the lighting somewhat similar in every photo. Of course, there’s no such thing as making the light exactly the same in every single post because you’re taking them at different times of the day. However, use the editing features built into Instagram such as exposure and shadows to make small changes that will create consistency in your light and it will make the world of a difference.

2. Color: Choose colors that are complementary to each other and think about that when you are placing photos on your feed. For example, a light pink photo doesn’t look good next to a bright red photo. If you have trouble determining this, use the Color Wheel to determine what shades complement each other and this will all make a lot more sense.

3. Space: Sometimes our feeds aren’t aesthetically pleasing because they are a bunch of crowded photos stacked up on top of each other. Try to vary the angles in which you take your photos and allow your grid to breathe from busy images. Also, do not be afraid to let in some negative space, which is a section of a photo that does not have anything in it. This simple trick will definitely make your feed easier on the eyes!

If you’d like to see step-by-step how I edit my photos plus a few bonus tips, check out the video below. You actually get to see in real time how I use these rules to create my own perfect feed!

Before you go my friend, I want to remind you that there is no such thing as a perfect Instagram grid. Perfection is subjective and the last thing I want for you is to be too afraid to post out of fear it won’t be perfect.

And finally, take a step back and know that there is nothing you can do that is more important than connecting with and serving you audience. You can focus on the photo, the copy, the light, color, and space… but the real perfection comes from your ability to connect. Don’t forget that.

To pretty feeds and even prettier friendships,