How To Maximize Your New Social Curator Membership

By simply saying YES to Social Curator, you took a HUGE step toward growth in your business. 

*Let me just take a second to CLAP THAT UP, my friend!*

But maybe that initial excitement was followed by some doubts…

  • Are you wondering where to get started?
  • Does the thought of cramming a month’s worth of content into two weeks make your head spin?
  • Are you unsure if you should continue your membership next month?

*Boo boo, I gotchu! I completely understand!*

Those feelings are absolutely warranted…but what is the best way to push past doubt and overwhelm?

By taking action. 

Even just doing ONE thing will push you closer towards achieving your goals. 

*And if you’re anything like me, then I know you’ve got your sights set on some BIG goals, hustler!*

No matter how you're feeling right now, know that I'm proud of you, we're so happy you're here, and we will help you every step of the way.

Speaking of steps, here is a list of 5 action steps you can take to maximize your membership this month…and in month’s to come!

1. Join the Facebook group 

This is quite honestly where the magic happens. This community is made up of people just like you who are ready to help, support, and guide you on this journey. This is also the platform used for group coaching! 

2. Take the Social Curator quiz

This quick (and fun) quiz helps you identify what Social Curator Stage you're in. Not only will you know what action steps to take NOW based on your stage, but you'll also know what one thing to do according to each month's Action Plan. 

3. Complete the workbooks 

Each monthly Action Plan includes a workbook centered around accountability, strategy, and consistency. Going through each Action Plan and completing the workbooks will pave a clear path to your success! 

4. Download captions & photos

Each issue contains 30+ lifestyle photos, 5 IG Story templates, and 30 caption prompts…but don’t let these numbers overwhelm you!

You may not be in a place to implement the captions or photos into your social media planning for the month that you sign up, and THAT’S OK! If that is the case, feel free to use this content as filler in the months to come, or get one step ahead and use this content to start planning out posts for next month!

5. Show up to member events

Remember my mantra for 2020? 


Each month, you’ll have access to group coaching, Productivity Power Hour (PPH), a Momentum Booster, and MORE, all inside the Facebook group! Show up to as many of these events as you can because we’ve got GREAT things planned this year! 

Now, before you look at this list and allow the overwhelm to creep in, let me remind you:

>>There is NO RIGHT WAY of using Social Curator. There is just YOUR WAY.<<

My dream is for every Curator to implement just ONE PERCENT of each issue, every month.

Why just 1%? 

>>If you implement just ONE PERCENT of an issue each month, you will have changed your social media marketing by 12% at the end of the year. And 12% is a MASSIVE change!!!<<

Social Curator isn’t about magical solutions. It’s not about quick fixes. 

It’s just about showing up every month and making a 1% percent change.

  • Even if you’re not using all the photos (or even any of them!)…
  • Even if you’re using the captions as inspiration for your own wonderful ideas…
  • Even if you can’t implement every Action Plan…

My one wish is that you take what you can—however little that might be—and make magic with it.