How to Pitch a Reel Collaboration with Another Business

Want to expand your Instagram audience?

Collaborating with another business on a Reel that’s in or related to your business is a surefire way to discover your Ideal Client in new places and get more eyes on your account. 

Okay–but how

How to Pitch a Reel Collaboration

>>A Reel collaboration is basically like eating at a restaurant, seeing someone you know at the table next to yours, and then inviting them to join you.<<

You all showed up at the restaurant for different reasons and don’t all know each other, but you extend the table and spark conversation. Some may remain strangers, but who knows, you just might make some new friends.

Imagine the possibilities of what this could look like for and in your business. 

You’ve been following an account that’s related to your industry or the work you do and think you’d benefit from helping each other out. How do you invite them and their audience over to the metaphorical dinner table? 

Listen, I get it. Reaching out to someone you don’t know and asking them to collaborate with you can be intimidating and nerve-wracking. (Heck–even when you DO know them, it can be stressful!) 

Stick with me though, because pitching a Reel collaboration can actually be a whole lot easier than you may think when you follow the strategy I’m about to share. 

Even if 99% of the people you ask to collaborate with decline your invitation, it’s okay because you’ll still come out ahead! 

Let me explain… 

First, start by creating a Reel highlighting the value of THEIR business from your perspective. 

Let’s take a look at a few examples to see how easy this could be: 

A Coffee Shop

Go to their Coffee Shop and create a Reel showcasing their featured menu and pet-friendly patio. 

A Yoga Studio

Take a class at their Yoga Studio and create a Reel highlighting your experience. 

A Clothing Boutique 

Browse their Instagram Shop and create a Reel of you excitedly adding items to your cart. 

A Business Coach

Scroll their website and create a Reel talking about the services they offer that you need or can’t wait to try. 

Once you’ve created the Reel, invite them to collaborate when you post it! 

To do this, simply: 

➡ Tap ‘Tag People,’ 

➡ Click ‘Invite Collaborator,’ then 

➡ Select who you want to collaborate with. 

They may or may not accept your invitation to collaborate (and that’s OKAY!), but either way, you’ve just created content that adds value and showcases who you are, how you work, and what you can do for future collaborations. 

In other words: 

>>This is how your WORK can sell your PITCH.<<

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