How To Pitch Yourself For A Podcast

Boo boo, do you love listening to podcasts as much as I do?

Podcasts have been the best thing to bless my ears since Beyonce’s fierce music!

*And both of them are Irreplaceable…get it?!*

If you love listening to podcasts, chances are you’ve heard an episode or two with a guest contributor. It’s a very popular format for podcasts nowadays!

>>Podcast guests provide value not only for the podcast host by sharing their unique insights, but also for themselves as free advertising.<<

Podcasts are a great way to get your name out into the world, even if it’s only through a listener’s headphones.

If you’re a lover of podcasts and have the desire to pitch yourself to be a guest on a podcast, listen up, Buttercup!

Below, I’ve provided five steps that will help you nail down your spot as a podcast guest! These are steps that I’ve personally taken in my own experience of pitching myself, so I wholeheartedly believe that they work!

1. Follow podcast host on social media

If you love listening to a certain podcast, chances are good that you’d enjoy the content that the host puts out on other forms of social media. 

Because people tend to put different content on different platforms, it’s a good idea to follow hosts on all forms of social media so you don’t miss a beat.

2. Engage daily

Before you pitch yourself on a podcast, you need to get on that person’s radar. 

>>The best way to get someone’s attention is by giving real-life, honest participation.<<

Comment on their posts. Engage with their Instagram stories.When the time comes that you do pitch, you’ll be memorable.

3. Leave a podcast review

Let me just say, if you are planning on pitching on someone’s podcast and you haven’t left a podcast review yet, you’re already negatively impacting your chances of getting on that podcast!

>>A podcast review may seem simple and unnecessary, but it’s priceless feedback for the podcast host.<<

*Believe me, I do a little happy dance every time someone leaves a review for my podcast!*

A review is helpful, valuable, and it shows that you care about that podcast as much as your own ambitions.

4. Cite specific episode references

Know the context of the podcast!

I can’t believe how many times I’ve been pitched by people that didn’t even understand what my podcast was about. They just saw a platform and tried to get on it, even though they weren’t in alignment.

If you send an email or direct message to the host, try and cite specific references (“Last week when you spoke about…”), proving that you’ve done some legwork and have listened to multiple episodes.

5. Follow up with requests and/or ideas

Before you pitch, show up and prove that you’re an avid listener. Don’t be afraid to share suggestions or ideas you may have to improve the podcast!

>>Being an idea-generator will show the value that you can offer.<<

Friend, after you’ve gone through these five steps, then you’ll be ready to pitch and the podcast host will be primed and ready for it!

Now, you may have ambitions of getting on a big podcast, so it’s time for me to give you a splash of reality. *That’s what I’m here for, right?!*

>>The best way to get on your dream podcast is to become very proficient on a much smaller podcast.<<

Don’t turn down an opportunity based on the amount of reviews or listeners. 

Say yes to every podcast invite!

Slowly but surely, you’ll be able to climb that ladder to the big podcast, providing value for every podcast on your way up!

Remember, I only give advice that I’ve learned myself! Getting a spot on a podcast may seem intimidating, but I’m here to tell you that it’s absolutely possible!

So get out there, engage, provide value, and then offer a home-run pitch! You got this!

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