How to Prioritize and Protect Your Time

Do you feel like you work slower than others, or can’t seem to keep up? 

I used to feel the same, but things changed once I reprioritized.

>>If everyone has the same 24 hours in their day, why does it feel like other people have more time?<<

I used to ask myself the same question until I realized what I was really asking was, “What differentiates those who succeed from those who don’t?”

Well, I have a secret to being productive: it’s how you prioritize your time. Trust me, it’s easier said than done, and it’s something that I had to learn! The good news? You can learn it too.

But first, some real talk…

You might say something or someone is important to you, but if you’re not prioritizing your time in a way that reflects that, it’s not really a priority for you. 

Did that sting a little? Know that it’s not just you, and there isn’t anything wrong with you… aligning your time with what you value most is hard. Good thing you can do hard things. Let’s conquer this head-on together.  

>>How you spend your time is a reflection of what is most important to you, and defining that is the first step in the right direction.<<

Did I offend you? Maybe but it’s also true. 

If you want to make a change, a great place to start would be asking yourself these questions:

  • What do you need to get done today?
  • What can you let go of?
  • What’s helping you move closer to your goals?

Once you answer those questions, look at your calendar and then ask yourself, does my current schedule reflect what’s important? 

If the answer to this question reveals that your priorities are out of alignment to what you really want, don’t beat yourself up. Keep reading for 5 tips that will help you align your priorities with your goals!

Tip #1: Eliminate anything that is not moving the needle forward.

You might find yourself thinking, “But I HAVE to do this,” to which I reply, “Do you really?”

Are you truly the only person who could do this task? The answer may surprise you, because more often than not, the answer is no, which leads me to my second tip.

Tip #2: Outsource tasks that can be done by someone else. 

Imagine what you can actually accomplish if you were to let go of a task that could be done faster or easier by someone else. *It feels good, right?*

This doesn’t mean you need to bring somebody on full-time to your team, but you can definitely use this tip either way. 

  • You can hire somebody to clean your house.
  • You can hire a VA to answer emails.
  • You can trade or barter services with someone who can help you.

Investing in someone that can take smaller tasks off your plate will pay off in the long run, by giving you more time to devote to what truly matters. 

Tip #3: Break down BIG projects into smaller tasks.

Take your big project, break it down into bite-sized tasks, and then determine the schedule. 

Keep in mind: there’s no task that’s too small. Every task serves a purpose, and when you’re able to check multiple things off your list, you’re going to find that your productivity increases significantly

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Tip #4: Don’t waste small pockets of time.

Don’t let 5, 10, or 15 minutes in between your daily tasks or events be left unused.

These minutes may not feel like they’d be enough time to get important things done, but you’d be surprised how quickly those pockets of time can add up when you’re being intentional throughout your day. 

>>BIG changes can be made when you maximize the smaller windows that you have in your day.<< 

Tip #5: Be honest and realistic with your capacity.

This is a tough one. We all want to think we can do it all… but hear me when I say this, “You don’t have to.” Also, let’s be real… You can’t do the work of ten people in one day—No one can! 

It’s better to be conservative in what your time estimates of your day and what you can get done so that you can easily check and adjust throughout your day as needed.

When you establish realistic timelines will support and increase your motivation, confidence, and productivity in the long run. 

As you reflect on your priorities, remember this: 

>>Success is reserved for those who work for it.<<

Yeah… even in five-minute increments. This means that in order to achieve your goals there might be some late nights, there might be early mornings. 

You may discover that you’re more comfortable in saying, “No” to better protect your time, or maybe it’s as simple as choosing to complete your work rather than going to Happy Hour with your friends or binging on a show on Netflix. (I’m looking at you, “Inventing Anna!”)

Now before you come for me… Don’t get me wrong. Rest, relaxation, and downtime are incredibly important. What I’m asking you to do is to be more intentional with the time that you spend in your day to ensure that your priorities are truly prioritized

>>Everything you want is on the other side of consistency.<<

Yes. Prioritizing your time is really that plain and simple.

We all have twenty-four hours in our day but… 

>>How you prioritize your day will make or break your ability to take consistent action towards fulfilling the life that you want.<< 

Prioritizing your time, and working towards your goal consistently, may not always be easy, but I promise you it’s worth it. 

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