How to Relax at Work During Peak Seasons

Different industries have varying peak seasons (I'd hate to be a CPA in April!), but one thing is certain: this is the time when you want to pull your hair out. Or start pouring wine at 2pm. As a photographer, summer and fall are–hands down–the craziest months for me and though I do my best to show a sleek surface, the water of my soul is a level five hurricane.

If I change out of pajamas before 2pm it's a successful day.

When my darkest moments lurk in the shadows, I make time to stop, drop, and roll. Yes, kinda like those fire safety commercials you saw as a kid, but better. You need to STOP what work you're doing, DROP your responsibilities, and ROLL up a tortilla because you need to eat a burrito.

In all seriousness, taking making time for yourself is necessary if you want to continue producing great work. Sure, there are hundreds of things that get in the way, but it's important to put your needs first at least once a day. Growing up it was common for my mom to serve us cereal for dinner when my dad wasn't home because she used that extra time to enjoy a walk or write a letter.

My mother taught me it was okay to take care of yourself. Here's a list of things I do when I'm totally and completely overwhelmed…
-Practice yoga
-Take a hot bath
-Walk my dog
-Read for 20 minutes
-Walk on the beach
-Make a delicious meal
-Enjoy lunch with friends
-Write a letter
-Make a list of what I'm thankful for
-Visit my acupuncturist

I do 1-2 things a day to ensure I find balance between work and driving myself crazy as an entrepreneur. I encourage you to make a list of things you enjoy doing, help you find your stride, and/or promote creativity…then do at least one of them every day.

You'll find yourself calmer, more patient, and rejuvenated to pursue the day ahead.
Shine On,