How to Reprogram Limiting Beliefs to Better Serve Your Business

Do you ever feel like no matter how much you’re spinning your wheels, no matter how many courses you take, or to-do list items you check off, you keep ending up exactly where you were when you started?

I have good and bad news…

The bad news is that you’re likely stuck because you have limiting beliefs that are holding you back in life and business.

>>Limiting beliefs are subconscious thoughts--thoughts you don’t even realize you’re thinking–that keep you held back.<<

But now here’s where the good news comes in: I can help you become aware of your limiting beliefs, take ownership of them, and rewrite these thoughts to better serve you. Let me explain!

Right now, you’re telling yourself stories about success, social media, money… the list goes on and on.

Some examples of these stories are:

  • “Someone else does it better.”
  • “No one cares about this.”
  • “I never make money from my ideas.”

These thoughts are detrimental to your business because whether they’re true or not, by telling yourself these stories, you’re placing self-imposed limits on yourself.

It’s the subtle differences between saying something like, “I’m trying to be successful, but we’ll see what happens,” vs. “I can, and will be successful.” Or “Nobody is buying what I’m selling,” vs. “How can I market it better?”

These small changes in your thoughts are exactly what you need to break through the mindset barrier so you’re not stuck in a confirmation bias…simply repeating stories that don’t serve you. In the video below, I’ll help you identify what exactly is holding you back and learn how to fix it. 

Here’s how: 

1. Bring Awareness to Your Limiting Beliefs

In order to understand what kind of stories you’re telling yourself, consider some of these prompts:

  • “When no one comments on my post, that means I’m _____.”
  • “When I look at my bank account, I think _____.”
  • “My friends and family feel _____ about my business.”

How did you complete those sentences? Were they positive, affirming, and exciting? Or were they negative and limiting?

If any of these resonated with you, this is an opportunity for you to CHOOSE AWARENESS.  Carefully consider how you can reframe these statements to answer in a way that serves you better.

2. Try On New Beliefs

Once you know what stories aren’t serving you, it’s time to brainstorm and try on new beliefs.  

Sure, it could be true that your family thinks your business idea is stupid, but the way YOU choose to think about it has nothing to do with their opinion and EVERYTHING to do with you CHOOSING to believe something else. 

And the best part is that all it takes is practicing to change how you think about things!

For example, you can get unstuck by changing your thoughts, like:

  • “I can’t come up with content on social media,” vs. “I give myself permission to test different ideas.”
  • Instead of asking, “Who am I to start a business?”, ask yourself “Why not me?”

3. Commit to the New Belief

Friend, I want you to commit to your new beliefs and take ownership of them by asking, “What can I do?” 

You may have heard me say, “I'm not in control of the outcome…just the effort.”  You cannot control what people think or say about you… you can’t control how people respond to your social media posts… but you can control your RESPONSE and think in an empowering way. 

During this process, *practice* committing to beliefs outside of your comfort zone…even if it means staying away from people who make you doubt yourself.

If you start doubting yourself, challenge the “this didn’t work” mentality, because it’s a limiting mindset! The only person who can make you think or feel something is YOU. You’re in control of what you believe, so why not choose to think in a way that pushes you forward, instead of listening to people who hold you back?

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