How to Shoot Beautiful Photos for Instagram

I started my photography business in 2006 when I purchased my first camera, and let me tell you, I have learned a LOT about photography since then.

>>Over the years, I’ve learned how to turn followers into customers using beautiful, professional photography.<< 

And the best part? I want to teach you how to do it, too!

You might be thinking, “I’m not a photographer, and I don’t know the first thing about taking photos for Instagram.” Well, neither did I!

*Seriously, I probably shot over 100,000 images before I felt confident to take a paying gig.*

But the only way to get better is by simply taking the first step. Let’s take it together!

Today, I’m going to show you how I shoot flatlay photos for Social Curator by curating the perfect props, choosing one item to be the anchor for your photo, and creating a lightbox to shoot in.

 1. Curating Props

Before shooting your flatlay, first choose several props that relate to your business and also give a lifestyle spin to your photoshoot.

This could be anything from a laptop, cell phone, notebook, pen, or even tools of your trade, like a paint brush, camera, or dog leash. 

>>The most important thing to remember when choosing your props is to make sure they are a visual representation of you and your business!<<

2. Choose an Anchor Item

I like to choose one prop to be the “anchor” of my photo.

This doesn’t necessarily mean it is right in the center of the shot, but it is typically larger than the other props and a particularly noticeable color.

If you know your Instagram caption will be about your to-do list, for example, choose a notepad as your anchor prop so it catches your readers’ attention and makes sense with what you are writing about!

3. Create a Lightbox

To get the most even light and a beautiful backdrop for your flatlay, I recommend purchasing a few white foam boards to create a lightbox around the area you will shoot.

Simply prop up the boards around 3 sides of your flatlay with the open side facing a window,  and you have a beautiful place to shoot which reflects the light on your props.

*With a lightbox, anyone can take bright, beautiful, high-quality photos from home!*

4. Start Shooting

Once you have curated props, chosen an anchor item, and created a lightbox, it’s time to shoot your flatlay!

Organize a few of your color-coordinating props in a few different configurations and begin shooting at different angles and depths to experiment with getting the best shot.

If you’re ready to find your confidence and take a boss picture that not only looks good to you but also to your audience, download my free guide, 3 Ways to Take Better Instagram Photos for Your Business. Today, I explained just ONE of the ways!

In this guide I am going to walk you through how to find the right light, style your flatlays, and take your own branding photos for Instagram. So grab your camera (or your cell phone… mobile devices are the best thing to happen to Instagrammers everywhere), and get the guide >>HERE!<<