How to Start Building Your Email List TODAY

Friend, I am a huuuuge fan of diversifying your marketing efforts.

I mean, what if Instagram and Facebook disappeared tomorrow?!

In order to grow our businesses in the long term, we need a way to connect with our community on a deeper level in a place we OWN: an email list.

>>So that’s what I want to talk about today: how to craft your strategy for gaining email subscribers with something your audience actually WANTS.<<

Why should you have an email list?

According to a 2017 study by John Valenty, 1 email list subscriber = between $.25-$1.00 per MONTH in income generation.

What would you do with another couple hundred or even thousands of dollars per month in revenue?!

This is true in my business, too. Every week, my newsletter list is the number one way I connect with prospective customers for my business.

Now that we know how powerful newsletters can be in your marketing strategy, how do we get people to sign up?!

Here’s the thing: people don’t want to randomly sign up for someone’s list. *Our email inboxes are crowded enough already!*

In order to gain subscribers, you have to give them something for free… AKA, a freebie.

What is a freebie and how do I implement it?

A freebie is something of value you give your audience in exchange for their email address. It’s often referred to in the digital marketing world as a lead magnet.

After creating your freebie, you'll need to create a landing page in an email marketing system (such as MailChimp, Flodesk, or ConvertKit) where someone can enter their name and email address.

Then, you'll need to create copy for an email that is automatically triggered to deliver the freebie once they submit their name/email.

What can I create as a freebie?

Friend, this is the most fun part of starting your email list!

In order to help you brainstorm what type of freebie would resonate with your audience as well as give you examples of freebies that are converting really well in my business, I want to give YOU a freebie: 10 Freebie Ideas to Start Building Your Email List TODAY.

So Buttercup, download these 10 freebie ideas >>HERE<< to ensure you create a freebie that your audience actually WANTS, cultivate an email list you’re proud of and build the business of your dreams!