How to Stick Out in a Saturated Market

You know that feeling when you’re relegated to go the to the Department of Motor Vehicles and stand in a line longer than the width of Texas?

You pull a number and wait on baited breath until someone singles you out from the crowd, desperately watching the clock tick by.


You know that feeling?  I felt the same thing for years as I built my business.

I felt overlooked, I felt desperate, andworseI didn’t stick out.

My business was forgettable.

It wasn’t until I worked through an exercise that taught me how to differentiate my business, regardless of how saturated the market was.

This 4-minute video explains my exact process…


Answering these special-sauce questions added all the clarity I needed to make my business stick out.

I *finally* got noticed…and for all of the RIGHT reasons.

I believe you can do the same and I’m here to root you on.

You’re not alone, friend, you’re walking this path alongside me…willing our wild, beautiful lives to be the most amazing they can be!