How To Successfully Use Social Media For Your Business

“Jasmine, I know I need to use social media for my business but I don’t know how.”

I have been asked this question hundreds of times by business owners in all different industries.

>>What I’ve learned is that no matter what your business is, there are 4 universal rules to follow if you want to have success on social media.<<

Below, I am outlining those four rules with the hopes that you will take my strategy and grow your business online.

Let’s dive in!

1. Post consistently. The best thing you can do is to be consistent because as a business owner, what we want is more brand awareness. When you post regularly, you gain momentum with the algorithm. This means more of your followers will see your posts, the more they will engage, and the more your message will be heard.

2. Create one-to-one connections. There is so much power in responding to comments, sending DM’s, and building genuine connections with your followers on social media. Showing up on social is not about speaking to the masses, it is about speaking to one person and going deep with them to grow a tribe of fanatics who share your business with everyone they know.

3. Post with intention. Purposeful posting means you are planning content in advance and have categories that you consistently post about on your business page. Those who post with intention do not take advantage of their follower’s attention, but show up with value and create content that resonates with their ideal customer.

4. Have a plan and strategy. When you are using social media successfully, you are showcasing the positive aspects of your brand. You are executing a thought-out strategy that attracts more of their *right* people to your account, creates raving fans, and ultimately turns your followers into customers.

*Insert Geto Boyz “It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta” here*

So friend, what makes people who USE social media successful?

  • They show up every single day.
  • They post with a purpose and plan.
  • They care about their followers as more than a number.

>>Using social media for your business is one of the smartest things you can do in today’s world.<<

But I know that not everyone will take this list and “run with it.”

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