How To Tell An Instagram Story With Pizza

I used to say Instagram stories are like creating micro-commercials for your business, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

*And you can ask my husband, it takes a lot for me to say when I’m wrong…*

>>Instagram stories are like your own Netflix feature!<<

They are an opportunity for people to binge-watch snippets from your life and get to know you better.

I used to create Instagram stories that were simply talking-head videos of me chatting to my followers about my day, my business, and anything else I wanted them to know.

Although talking-head videos are effective, I found that you should create Instagram stories JUST like you would if you were creating your own Netflix special, by…

  • Changing the location
  • Talking and walking
  • Adding visuals that keep you engaged

>>Sometimes I take for granted that not everyone knows how to use Instagram stories, so tune in to the video below for a very basic tutorial.<<

  1. First, I walk you through how to set the scene for your story, as well as add geo-tags, hashtags, music, and account mentions.
  2. Next, we create a boomerang [a small, short video on loop] and add a filter to show my followers we’re having a good time.
  3. Finally, we snap a few more pictures with filters, add stickers, and even a poll asking my audience what they would order at Sgt. Pepperoni’s!

Friend, I understand how intimidating Instagram stories can be. But why do I feel it is SO important?

>>Instagram stories empowers your account to get discovered, show up in people’s feeds and drive engagement.<<

Even if you’re intimidated, just try it ONCE with just the basics and see what happens.

If you’d like to go deeper after you’re pleasantly surprised with your results, I’d love for you to download your Free Instagram Story Checklist.

>>Once you download the checklist, I’ll be sending you even more surprises in the future about Instagram stories and how you can use them in your business!<<

So, head over and download your Free Instagram Story Checklist and I’ll see you on the ‘gram, boo!