How to Uplevel Your Business in 6 Weeks

This year I told myself that if something wasn’t a hell yes, it was a hell no.

When I was invited to be a mentor for the Inc + The UPS Store 2023 Small Biz Challenge, where the contestants had a chance to win $25,000 at a live event in New York City after 6 weeks of challenges… It was a hell yes!

My thought process and intention behind participating in this challenge as a mentor was not only the opportunity to help these three amazing business owners uplevel their business (and help one of them win $25K of cold hard cash) but to be able to document it along the way so that YOU can overcome the same challenges they are facing.

Below you’ll find the week-by-week series of the challenge. I encourage you to pull out your notes app (or a Lisa Frank notebook), take notes, and implement what you learn.

Week 1: Coaching 3 Business Owners to Win $25,000

As small business owners, we all need a little help and support to take our ventures to the next level. Click the video below to see the details of the challenge and the three categories that we will be judged on (defining your why, refining your social strategy, and developing your web presence.)

Week 2: Attract Exactly the Right Customers for Your Business

Curious about ways you can attract more of your ideal customers? Click the video below to see my foolproof framework that you can implement to attract the right customers to your business, and you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at three business coaching sessions with yours truly.

Week 3: REAL TALK: Selling on Social (strategies for 2023)

Wanna know one of the most-loved social media strategies? Sprinkling in moments of reality and behind-the-scenes of your business. Click the video below to see my mentees, and I take a deep dive into a few tactical strategies of ways to share the behind-the-scenes of your business (without worrying about people stealing your process or secrets!) and ways to sell your product on Instagram and test how well your efforts work!

Week 4: Get Big Results from Social Media for Your Business

Ever get overwhelmed by social media marketing? Click the video below to see how I coach my three mentees to start testing content on their social platforms to incorporate more personalized photos and behind-the-scenes so their audience has the opportunity to connect with their business.

(We also dove into creating the best ideal client for you! You can grab the workbook mentioned >>HERE<< to help you discover your ideal client too!)

Week 5: Having a Mindset for Growth

Do you know if you embrace a growth mindset? My mentees and I focused on mindset during this week of mentoring in the challenge! We started to shape the mindset it takes to get different results in business for maximum growth. Oftentimes it's hard to break our repetitive (negative) thought processes, but if we don't approach our mindset with intentionality, it becomes nearly impossible to get different results than we've been getting. Dive into this video and learn more about creating a growth mindset >>HERE<<.

Week 6: 4 Easy Website Tweaks to Get Customers NOW

Are you missing this on YOUR website? Click the video below to see how I walked my three small business mentees through four very simple tweaks to their websites in order to optimize for getting customers fast. (You can implement these small changes too!)

Week 7: Answer These Three Questions to Measure Your Progress

How do you measure your progress? Click the video below to see how I coach my mentees to reflect on their personal and professional growth throughout this challenge. We have to train our brains to measure growth and progress instead of lack and comparison.