How To Use Your Instagram Bio To Prep For Sales

It takes just a few seconds for someone to decide whether they’d like to follow you, and your Instagram bio is the main reason.

I know talking about your bio seems like Instagram 101 and you may be thinking, “Jasmine, I know what to put in my Instagram bio!”

Before you click away and think you have it all figured out, let me be real with you.

For my job, I look at hundreds of Instagram accounts per month and I can tell you that 90+% of them do not have bios that prep their audience for sales.

I see confusing descriptions to having no descriptions at all, I read bios that contain only emoji’s to those that completely over-share.

Prepping people for sales happens the moment they land on your account, and in order to do that, your bio needs 5 key components. Let’s break it down!

  1. Get focused with your title. How do you want people to describe you? Use this in the most basic terms possible. Explain it to me like I’m 5 years old—If your bio is confusing, you are going to have a lot of trouble making sales.
  2. Why should people follow you? In the land of social media, it’s benefit-driven. There’s too many people doing what you do, boo! List the benefits of what people will receive from following you.
  3. Who is your account for? Be as specific as possible because in the land of Instagram, the riches are in the niches. When we tell people who it is for, it feels tailor-made for them and they are more likely to follow you.
  4. How can they contact you? This is a very basic and crucial part of an Instagram bio that so many people neglect. If I was a customer and wanted to buy your product or service, how can I do it?
  5. What is an opt-in that they NEED? To prep your bio for sales, we need to serve our ideal client before we ever sell to them. If you ask yourself what your client needs and give it to them for free, you can receive their email address and continue serving them to eventually lead up to the sale.

I don’t know about you, but I am much more concerned with being profitable than popular. With these components, you will be attracting the right people to your profile that will actually turn into paying customers.

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So there you have it, friends: the 5 ways you can prep your Instagram bio for sales! Be sure to tune in to the throwback video below to see behind-the-scenes of the conference that I gave this talk.

Hint: awkward/nervous prep is my forté!