I can’t believe it finally happened…

I’m sitting at the San Francisco airport with a cup of tea trying to balance a toddler on one leg and my laptop on the other.  I’m equal parts exhausted and wildly satisfied.

Last Saturday I completed a business scaling program at Stanford University, and walked across the stage to receive my certificate from the Latino Business Action Network.  My hands nervously shook as I grabbed the thick paper and rubbed my fingers across the university’s embossed logo.

After the ceremony, we stood on stage to pose for a picture, a memory documented.

As part of the program, we had to create a video to document our journey and what we learned.

I’m sharing this video with you because it’s proof that unqualified, unconnected, and unfunded people can accomplish big things in business.  Like always, I’m sharing what I know (as you might’ve seen in recent emails), but I’m cooking up even more to share in 2023.

WATCH OUT, THERE’S A REBIRTH COMING.  And it feels scary good.

There’s just 25 days left in 2022, and I’m ready to usher in new beginnings.

Cheers to the unqualified parts in all of us that choose to continue forward,


P.S. Shout out to my co-founder/husband for sending me photos and videos of his adventures with our daughter while I was in class before graduation.  I couldn’t do this without my ride-or-die, JD.