I NEVER Thought I’d Do This

Howdy partner! (CAN YOU TELL I VISITED TEXAS?!) I have updates for you this week, and they both have to do with the same person.

Over the past few weeks, I've sent you updates about changes I've been making (rebranding my website, signing with a speaking agency, and stepping into my 2023 word of the year: rebirth), and also hosting my very own mastermind.

(At the risk of sounding like a very crunchy, woo-woo Californian, I feel like my soul is cracked open and light is pouring out in puddles…yup, I definitely sound like my hippie mother right now.)

What I might not have said was that I'm also joining Masterminds. Lots of them. At this point in my career, you might call me a mastermind junkie. I can't get enough learning, networking, and being challenged.

Last week I was in Austin, Texas for the Hampton Executive Retreat (a community for CEOs and founders), co-founded by an entrepreneur named Sam Parr.

Which leads me to Update Number One: The Framework You Need to Pivot. I had a phenomenal conversation with Sam on my podcast and it dropped YESTERDAY! You don't want to miss his amazing insights. Legit. Listen >>HERE<<.

Now it's time for Update Number Two: I learned how to drive a rally car.

Before we hit the track, we had to sit through safety lessons. While our coach was telling us what to do, I was shocked to hear how his advice wasn't just for rally cars, but for business too.

That's what I want to talk about today: What Learning How to Race Rally Cars Taught Me About Business.

Point number one: Keep your eyes on where you want to go…resist the urge to get distracted by what’s swirling around you. My coach said, “Look for Hope…always look for where you hope to be.”

Point number two: If you’re overwhelmed, stop. Breathe. You’re retraining your neuropathways to think in new ways, so breathe through the panic.

Point number three: Pushing the break will straighten your path. It feels counterintuitive, but thrusting the break allows you to drift while taking sharp turns. The breaks keep your rally car (and business) in control.

Wanna know what else I learned? HOW TO DRIVE STICK.

Y’all. I learned stick in the great state of Texas. If that’s not worthy of a cowboy hat, I don’t know what is.

I'm sending you this note because while you might never want to race a rally car, I do hope you apply these lessons to your business…and life.

I walked away from the event believing I can keep my eyes on hope, trust in my ability to rewrite my neuropathways, and confidently push the breaks without feeling like I'm slowing down.

I hope the same for you.

If you want to hear the strategies I've learned from Sam (who's—truly—one of the grittiest, scrappiest, and brilliant entrepreneurs I've ever met), I can't wait for you to listen to our conversation.

Your cowgirl in training,