I Rest My Case

A few days ago, I blogged about the possibility of JD and I adopting a child in the next couple of years. This decision was very personal and something we held closely to our hearts, so when I decided to share it publicly, I worried about the after effects. In the end, I had nothing to fixate on because people reached out and left their love here on this piece of the internet. I, of course, got emotional reading comments from friends and strangers vouching for my ability to be a mother.

It was moving, really.

However, I should probably give everyone the opportunity to rescind their endorsement after realizing I not only accidentally killed a cactus plant…I also have a drawer dedicated to my dog's clothes. Yes, a canine closet. This fact embarrasses my husband to no end and he believes I'm certifiably crazy. Sunglasses, shirts, sweaters, jackets, boots, a rain coat…Polo has them all!

JD worries that if I have the capability of dressing my dog for our morning walks in a striped sweater that'd make Mr. Roger's proud, I'm bound to dress my child in ways that years of therapy wouldn't be able to cure. And then I remind him of the time his mother dressed him like a Cuban extra on the set of Miami Vice (complete with a comb in his back pocket to ensure he looked like Don Johnson) and walk away.

Hmph. And they said law school was a waste of time!