If you’re not a workaholic, you’re LOSING

…at least that’s what I was told.

When you have a business, there’s this temptation to SEE more, DO more, BE more.  I was told it was a race and the slower you worked, the less you’ll win.

This past holiday weekend, I found myself working on three projects at once and it wasn’t until Sunday afternoon that I realized the gravity of my mistake.

I allowed deadlines to become dictators.  I empowered my calendar to cuff me to my computer.

I apologized to JD, packed snacks, and we headed to the beach.

Yes, I still had so much to do, but I needed more grace and less guilt in my life.

I realized when I permitted myself to enjoy simple moments (sipping from plastic cups while listening to the waves crash along the shore, for example), they ended up being barometers of my success.

When my mind was relaxed, when I savored each moment, when I prioritized time with my loved ones, I was one step closer to success.

I hope the same for you because the only person we’re “racing” to success is ourselves.

[P.S.  I’m hosting a live Q+A on my Facebook page tomorrow (Wednesday) May 31st @ 5pm PST.  My only agenda is YOUR agenda.  Come with your business questions and I’ll answer them!]