Getting Started With Instagram Carousels

Do you want to get more eyes on your account that are riveted by the content you produce?

*Oh, I feel you!*

Currently, one of the best ways to get awareness for your business on Instagram is through carousels. 

A carousel is a series of photos on your feed that your audience can scroll through. Rather than posting a single picture, you’ll share two or more on the same topic.

>>But rather than simply sharing a photo dump of your recent vacation, you can jam-pack a carousel with value for your audience.<< 

Getting Started with Instagram Carousels

Here are 5 ways to create incredible carousels that will blow their dang minds:

  1. Show a before and after of what your business can do for a customer.
  2. Share tips around your products or services.
  3. Promote a webinar or a free class.
  4. Highlight testimonials or the nice things people say about your business.
  5. Offer enlightenment and education.

*Friend, the possibilities are endless!*

As soon as you start to think about the ways you can add value to your ideal client’s experience on your feed, you’ll be filled with endless ideas of carousels to create to serve them well.

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