Ignore it. Ignore it all.

Man, oh man…was this person mad. Fuming, really. I came across a Facebook update from a photographer who was upset because the industry was filled with newbies and amateurs who were taking away their business. Price cuts! Discounts! Inferior camera gear! Soccer moms with cameras! This photographer was on a roll.

At the end of the rant, I felt icky. I wanted to wash away the sense of embarrassment…I was embarrassed for the photographer who spewed venom like it was saliva, embarrassed for new photographers reading it and felt ashamed, and embarrassed for not saying anything.

If you're an aspiring creative/photographer/entrepreneur, here's what I hope you read instead of anger-fueled rants via social media…
…be kind to others.
…what goes around, comes around.
…simply focus on the road ahead, not what others say you should be doing.
…trust your gut.
…practice craft with care, precision, and devotion.
…help others.
…treat your clients with respect and care.
…be humble.
…ask for help.
…hold your head high, knowing you're doing the best you can with what you have.

Your Friend,