5 Ways To Increase Your Instagram Engagement

Everyone wants more engagement. *Oh, believe me, I get it.* 

But there are a few things it requires that most aren’t willing to do:

  • You need to plan for it.
  • You need to ask for it.
  • You need to give it first.

That may sound a little abstract, but I have a few more concrete suggestions that will bring it all into perspective:

  1. Recreate what worked in the past.
  2. Send an introductory DM to 5 ideal clients who don’t follow you.
  3. Share a call to action on every post.
  4. Leave a comment of more than 4 words on 3 different posts using industry-specific hashtags.
  5. Create a Reel showing a hack related to what you do.

Does that sound like work, friend? 

*Good. That’s because it is.* 

It takes extra effort to engage on someone else’s posts. It takes extra effort to send someone a DM. 

But how can you expect someone to put in that effort for you if you don’t also exert that same effort for them?

>>Trust me when I say that the path less traveled is what will create genuine relationships on social media and lead to more business than you’ve ever seen before.<<

Oh, and one last thing: when people DO engage with your content? Be sure to respond back and keep the conversation going! Social media should be social after all.

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