How to Increase Views and Engagement on Instagram Reels

I’ve been noticing a trend recently, and maybe you have too… Instagram Reel views have been decreasing.

Not only have the views been decreasing, but the engagement along with it.

Now, before you panic (believe me, I get it!), let’s explore why this is happening and then dive into solutions you can try that will boost your engagement metrics.

Sound good? Let’s dive in!

Increase Views and Engagement on Instagram Reels

To understand what is happening, we first need to take a step back in time to the very beginning… well, the very beginning of Reels that is.

Instagram first released Reels in 2020 once it saw the massive success and growth TikTok was garnering amid the Covid-19 pandemic. And as most tech companies do, they released a first iteration and have been building upon it ever since.

This first iteration of Reels functioned much differently than the one we see today. Initially, Reels would play on a loop. That means if your phone was open and displaying a Reel, it would continue to play over and over again until you scrolled to the next piece of content.

>>This meant that views were much easier to rack up in the beginning with less effort on your part.<<

Now, Reels will only play twice before requiring either a tap to watch again or to view more Reels. 

This shift alone would account for a drop in views. But, there’s also another factor at play…

Instagram has been extensively promoting short form videos for a few years now. With that push has come a greater amount of people jumping on the bandwagon to create that content. 

>>And with more content comes more inventory for the algorithm to display and more competition for views and engagement.<<

Social media platforms will always reward early adapters to new features. It’s the way it always has been and the way it always will be. 

*Okay, I know that sounds harsh, but hope is not lost, stick with me.*

Despite the evolution of Reels and how they display, there are still a few tricks you can employ to ensure your Reels are not only being viewed but also generating good engagement.

  1. Use Trending Audio – Using trending sound whether it’s a voice over or a song will allow you to get in front of more eyes and increase discoverability.
  2. Add Text – Include text on your Reel and keep it dynamic. This will boost views as many will watch and rewatch until they’ve read it all and gleaned as much information as you have to offer.
  3. Add a Call to Action – The last but most important recommendation is to always include a call to action (or CTA) to every Reel either in the caption, the Reel text itself, or both. This will generate more engagement as you specifically let people know exactly what step to take next. Common CTAs could direct people to like, comment, share, or save your Reel, but remember to be specific and simple in those directions!
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