How Instagram’s Feed Update Affects Your Strategy

Listen. There’s just one element of social media that you can always count on, and it’s this:

Social media never stays the same.

*You know it, and I know it.*

It can be easy to feel discouraged that your strategy constantly needs to evolve and adapt to different platform updates, but the reality is that these updates are good for your business.

Let me explain.

It’s this constant evolution that keeps users interested, on the platform, and provides you with additional ways for your content to be seen.

Recently, Instagram released a new update that will allow users more freedom to choose how they view their content with the establishment of three feed views:

  • Home
  • Following
  • Favorites

We’ll dive into strategy in a minute, but first, let's look at each of the feed views and understand the differences a bit more.

The Home Feed

This is the version we are most accustomed to. It is algorithm-driven which means the platform recommends accounts to you. The difference now is that you aren’t guaranteed to see any posts you follow in this feed. It will now house more recommendations outside of your current circle. If you are familiar with TikTok, it is essentially an “Instagram For You Feed.” The Home Feed actually presents you with more opportunities to be discovered by new accounts.

The Following Feed

This feed takes you back to the good ole days in Instagram-land when creating content was a little more straight-forward: 

  • Posts appear in chronological order.
  • Only accounts you follow are displayed. 
  • This offers you an opportunity to really connect on a deeper level with those who already know you and build more trust.

The Favorites Feed

Similar to the Following Feed, posts in the Favorites Feed are also displayed in chronological order but this is considered the “elite” view. Essentially, if someone wants to check just one feed, it will likely be this – the most recent posts of their favorite accounts. But keep in mind: 

  • A user can only select 50 accounts to include. 
  • Favorite accounts will also be starred and rank higher in the home feed. 
  • As a business owner, your goal is to get into a customer or client’s favorite feed. 
  • You MUSTprovide value.

Alright, now for the fun part: Let’s move onto how this will impact your strategy.

The Basics of Strategy

I have always said that social media should be social and this change prioritizes connection.

*So the good news is that if you have been listening all along, your strategy doesn’t need to change at all!*

I believe you should get others to know, like, and trust you by providing content that’s valuable and meets your Ideal Client at every step of their journey.

>>Each piece of content you create should entertain, educate, or empower your Ideal Client.<<

  • If your ideal customer is new to what you offer, you must first entertain.
  • Once they know you and like you, you begin to educate.
  • Finally, once you have shown that you provide value, you empower them to take action.

To make this simple, consider each feed view as a prioritization of each type:

  • The Home Feed is for entertainment.
  • The Following Feed is for education.
  • The Favorite Feed is for empowerment.

The Best Performing Content

Each feed view is going to naturally prioritize different types of content based on the audience. Remember: we’re meeting our Ideal Client at different stages of their journey and guiding them to the next step.

This does not mean that you need to create 3x the amount of content to show up on each feed, but rather that you should be intentional about the content you create and cycle through options that will serve each view type.

Content that will perform well on the Home Feed is anything that grabs attention or is widely sharable:

  • Transition Reels
  • Highly Visual Videos
  • GIFs
  • Memes
  • Quotes
  • Tweets

Content that will perform well on the Following Feed is anything that builds trust (offer more of what they already love):

  • Graphic Carousels
  • Educational Reels

Content that will perform well on the Favorite Feed is anything that positions you as an expert (and warms up your audience):

  • Unique Perspectives
  • Free Education
  • Recurring Series (that people won’t want to miss)

Once again, don’t be overwhelmed by the options… just intentionally choose what would be best for your Ideal Client and create it!

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Now that you know what to do, I can’t wait to see how you leverage the new updates to your advantage!
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