Instagram Growth Services: Too Good to Be True?

“Quadruple your following in less than 6 months.”
“Get new followers, new likes, and quick results!”
“Guaranteed growth with REAL followers!”

My community often asks me about these claims made by countless Instagram growth services. Some even tell me they have seen great success in their follower count, and I believe them.

Here’s the thing: Do I think you can “expand your reach,” get “real followers,” and have 4 times the likes for $9.99 a month? Yea, I do.

But do I think they’re engaged followers, perspective customers, or real accounts? No, I don’t.

I think it’s easy to want to buy something that makes us look really glamorous in the middle of the marathon.

For example, people who use steroids and performance-enhancement drugs as an athlete look really great in the beginning. However, over time, the person who always wins is the person who made wise decisions, trained hard, and did things the best way they knew how for their body.

As business owners, our community and our clients is our body. When we’re trying to game a system so we look cool, we end up making our business look desperate! And friends let me tell you:

  • There is no such thing as gaming the system for the long term.


If your objective is to be popular, that’s great! But for me, popularity and likes don’t pay my bills; being profitable by having a strong and healthy business is. If you ask me, nothing beats hard work, understanding your audience, and making genuine connections.

Here’s something to think about:

  • What is the point of having a lot of followers if people aren’t engaging with your content?


If people are not engaging, Instagram will not show your content to the rest of your audience.

When you use an Instagram growth service, the people who you actually want to see your content won’t, because the fake followers aren’t engaging and Instagram thinks your post isn't worth showing to more people!

I know your post is good and you know that your post is good, but all of the fake followers not engaging with your content is going to dilute the impact you can possibly make.

Your business will go farther with 1,000 engaged followers than 10,000 passive viewers who just scroll on by.

Buttercup, please resist the temptation to look and feel important on Instagram.

  • If you want to be an Influencer and be popular, awesome. I’m just not the person who’s going to give you advice.


However, if you want to be on social media and create a culture, find a tribe, and have a profitable business regardless of looking cool, I’m your person. I know how to run businesses and I know how to teach people how to be profitable, but it’s not fun, it’s not sexy, it’s not glamorous, it’s just hard work. That’s it.