Instagram Guides 101 (+ Who Should Use Them!)

Did you know that there are three types of Instagram Guides you can be creating for your business?

>>Instagram Guides are curated groups of posts, products, or places that you can offer your audience.<<

Although you can create any type of Guide you’d like, a certain type could be more advantageous for growing your business.

Below is a list of the 3 types of Instagram Guides, and who should create them.

The 3 Types of Instagram Guides are:

  1. Place Guides

A great option for physical-location businesses, Place Guides showcase where your business is. 

A key feature of this type of Guide is that any post with your desired geo-tag can be added to the Guide, meaning that apart from using your own content, you can also aggregate content from customers, clients, or anyone who has tagged your location, letting their posts do the selling for you!

Use Place Guides to recommend places in your city and beyond. Share your favorite spots in the city your business is located or local recommendations for your ideal client or dream customer.

  1. Product Guides

An obvious choice for product-based businesses, Product Guides allow the option to pull posts related to certain products available for sale. Once your products have been added to the Instagram Shop, you can create a Guide featuring them.

This Guide is also a great option for affiliate marketing and Influencers due to the ability to share any product as long as it’s connected to the Instagram Shop.

If your business sells physical items, Product Guides are a great place to showcase groupings of products and recommend your favorites to help your ideal client or dream customer choose what's best for them.

  1. Post Guides

Giving access to consolidated, curated content, Post Guides are a great way to aggregate posts that you’ve either created yourself or saved from other accounts. This type of Guide is a great option for service-based businesses.

Similar to searching for specific hashtags within Instagram, Post Guides allow you to group content based on their topic. Since the posts have already been made, all you have to do is come up with headlines and commentary!

Although you can select a number of posts to share in one Guide, we suggest the fewer the better. Make each Guide as niched down as possible, sharing pieces of advice or tips and tricks by category to make it easier for your audience to gather information. 

If you’re ready to create your first Guide, I’d love to, well… “Guide” the way on your journey to serving your audience in a whole new way. Download my free resource, How to Grow Your Business with Instagram Guides, to learn more about the 3 different types of Guides, which one I recommend for ANY business owner to start with, and a worksheet to help you create your first one. Download it >>HERE<< and get your content in front of your dream customer’s eyes!