Instagram Ideas for Service Based Businesses

I debated posting this video because I made a pretty BIG + sweeping statement. I said, “Instagram may not be the platform for you if you can't visually show what your business does.” (The video also shows my first [ever] attempt at making a video in 2008…so be prepared to cringe!)

But allow me to follow up here: There are a lot of service-based businesses that don't know how to showcase what they do (life coaches, accountants, counselors, financial planners etc.) because HOW DO YOU SHOWCASE A SERVICE?!

I get it. But I'm a big believer is setting up a time to CREATE content in a way that customers want to see. If you don't have a product to sell (like clothing or essential oils or a diet shake) or your art to display (like photographers, graphic designers, or painters), then you must find a way to showcase how you interact with customers and/or how your work day looks.

This video shows exactly what I mean…

Is this easy? No. But nothing worth doing ever is.

Here's a few content ideas that come to mind for service-based business owners:

  • The tools of your trade (computer on desk, spreadsheets, legal briefs)
  • You working at your desk
  • Talking with clients in person
  • Talking on the phone
  • How to prepare for a meeting
  • What you wear to work
  • Your favorite spot to work
  • Your favorite organization tools
  • Your team, your business partner
  • The pet you take the work
  • …oh, friend, this list can go on and ON…

    If you want to grow your business on visual platforms like Instagram and Facebook, you must create visual content. So, go on boo…your time has come.

    If you're interested in crowd-sourcing ideas for your content, let me know in the Facebook comments section and I'll plan a live class here on Facebook so we can all trade ideas for content…and network…and find ways to connect with other business owners in our neck of the woods!