Instagram Tips + Tricks : Paragraph Breaks + IG Stories Pen Changes

For years I wondered how to make Instagram look and feel more like me.  I love the ability to create personal touches to captions and Instagram stories, but I didn't know how to do it.  Until today.

And just a few minutes, this video will walk you through my process…and here's a helpful breakdown of the Questions+Answers portion of this chat!
0:00 – Welcome
01:20 – How to add paragraph breaks on Instagram
04:07 – How to change the pen on Instagram
06:02 – How can I utilize Instagram stories in a way that gets my audience excited about a giveaway [I’m doing] and draws them back to my page of my Facebook page?
08:23 – What is the best way to use Instagram stories for a small business?
10:21 – Can you do too many FB lives on the business FB page?
12:18 – Would you know anything about the swipe-up option?
12:53 – Is there anything out there other than doing FB lives? I can’t seem to get over the sound of my own voice.
15:58 – How do you recommend one come up with writing stories on Instagram to inspire people to buy from you?
19:18 – Is it crucial to have entertaining captions?
20:25 – Do you use hashtags every time you post to Instagram to increase the traffic on your page? If so, how has that been for you and your business?

Oh, and if we're not friends yet on Instagram, let's connect and chat…you can find me >>HERE<< @JasmineStar