Instagram’s Best Kept Secret To Build Your Business: Direct Messages

Does this sound familiar?

  • Post on Instagram…

>>No one leaves a comment.

  • Ask a question…

>>No one leaves a comment.

  • Post an Instagram Story…

>>No one responds.

That engagement void… Isn't it as fun as a root canal?!

Here's how you move from the Engagement VOID to Engagement VICTORY: start conversations.

And, *boom* I just dropped the mic.

Okay, so you're rolling your eyes, but trust me…this is evvvverything.

In fact, for years I couldn't get people to talk back to me on Instagram, but that changed once I strategically sent direct messages to build trust, engagement, and turn people into customers.

It was the strangest thing… After chatting via DM, people started leaving comments on my posts, too!

The video below shows a REAL TIME(!), CANDID(!), and AUTHENTIC(!) look into how I send my Direct Messages for engagement…and my awkward response when people responded to my message while I was filming this video.

Boo, if you get nothing else from the post, hear this:

 >>Avoid sending DMs that are simply a sales pitch, but rather a personalized note.<<

Whether you have 1 follower or 10,000 followers, the goal is to make 1:1 connections with your audience so that they know, like, and trust you enough to invest in your business!

If you'd like my cheat sheet for Instagram Direct Message Templates (so you know what to say to start engaging conversations), download it for free >>HERE!<<