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Every so often, there’s a note, message or email that catches my attention. Oh, look, she’s 15 years old, wants to start a business for teenager accessories.

Do you have advice for starting my business?

My response: I’m so happy to see that you’re building a life as an entrepreneur and I have no doubt your future will be bright. The advice I have for you is the following:

  • Be patient – building a business will take you a very long time.
  • Be consistent – the more consistent you are, the faster you’ll get results.
  • Be brave – always bet on yourself, and trust that you’ll always find a way to win.
  • Be nice (to yourself) – resist the temptation to beat yourself up…there’s no such thing as failure, just a bunch of lessons you’ll learn along the way.


But let me be honest, advice always sounds better (all gooey, fuzzy, and rosy) in retrospect. I, however, want to give my present self advice from my future self.

Sounds weird, right? But when I imagine myself at 80 years old, what advice would I give to an entrepreneur in the same position as I am now?

My 80 year-old response: I’m so proud to see that you’re growing as an entrepreneur and I have no doubt your future will be even brighter than the current light emanating from your pores, your burning insides. The advice I have for you is the following:

  • Be trusting – every valley leads to a peak if you keep pushing on.
  • Be bold – double your bets, go all in, you’ve stacked the cards in your favor.
  • Be humble – admit what you don’t know, get help, avoid suffering in silence.
  • Be your guide – you have the answers inside of you, let them rise in their own time.

For those of us somewhere between 15-80 years old, may we continue growing in our passions and purpose…if you’re open to it, I’d love to hear more about your business.

What is the business you’re building? Send me a DM on Instagram to let me know.

I can’t wait to hear from you,


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