Irvine Engagement Session : Amy + Joseph


Okay. So I tried writing a third person narrative of this love story (as I always do), but it got too hard. I didn’t know how to begin and then the details got intermixed with my perspective…and then I got emotional. And emotional writing is hardly a good thing. There are all these commas and parenthesis and footnotes. It’s ugly. In light of this, I decided to share two things about Amy and Joseph that makes me know they’re some of the most amazing people.

Some of the fondest memories of Amy and her family come during my mom’s battle with cancer. I’ve been friends with Amy since childhood. We swam in her pool during the summer, watched her become a UCLA cheerleader, and prayed for her when she became a missionary in Japan. When her family discovered my mother was ill, they made the commitment to bring us dinner every week. Every Tuesday for a few years we’d find dinner on our porch. Every Tuesday. Rain, shine, traffic, life. Every Tuesday. It’s acts like this that made cancer’s sting less painful.

I distinctly remember sitting in Joseph’s office. Small, beige walls, multiple Mac computers. He said non-chalantly he’d never marry. Said he was okay living his life on his own, perhaps one day he’d become a missionary. Joseph is an assistant pastor at my dad’s church, so we’ve become great friends through the years. He’s just one of those people you can see from a distance who makes life a little more beautiful. That’s Joseph.

When I heard Joseph flew to Japan to propose to Amy, I was shocked. And then I cried happy tears. Because this world just got better by the two of them uniting. They’re amazing people individually, but together, they’re magical. I’m bummed I can’t shoot their wedding this January, but I was honored when they asked me to document their engagement session…

Gotta love December in Orange County…87 degrees and sunny…

Amy, you’re gorgeous. That is all.

My favorite from the shoot….

Joseph, you’re my favorite when you laugh…

To see more of their engagement session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!