Is Instagram changing from a 3-square to 4-square grid?!

I've been getting a LOT of questions from people about the Instagram rumors of changing the grid from 3-squares to 4-SQUARES. And, yes, Instagram has been testing out the new 4-square grid, but nothing has been confirmed regarding a platform-wide roll out.
So what does this mean for you if you've been carefully curating your Instagram grid? Well, you might have to adjust your grid if the placement is thrown off.  Like this one…
Why the change? Many suspect that because phone screens are getting larger, a 4-square grid will allow for LESS scrolling and MORE photos to be shown at once.
This has caused many creative business owners to freak out because–hey–who likes such big changes? But since we can't control the change, why not adapt as quickly as possible?
If (emphasis on “if”) the 4-square grid is rolled out, my advice to quickly clean up your grid is to use the “archive” feature that was rolled out in the new Instagram update. No need to delete your photos…simply archive them so you can get your grid looking good on the new grid as quickly as possible.
Have questions? Leave them here… And if your account changed to the 4-squares, send me your instagram info here as I'd love to check it out! 😉
Thanks to amazing articles on Refinery29 and The Ringer for the detailed explanations and examples!