Is It Ever Enough?

Let me paint a picture for you, friend….

>>There was a time in your life where you dreamed of being in the place you are now.<< 

You saw yourself contented – *no, ecstatic* – with everything you currently have.

You dreamed big, wild, audacious dreams. Then lo and behold, against all odds, you got it all.

  • You married the person of your dreams.
  • You have 3 kids.
  • You have a beefy paycheck.
  • You own your dream car.

You did it!
You reached the summit.
You have everything you once wished for.

Yet… the feeling of euphoria doesn’t accompany it. Instead, you find yourself wondering why it still doesn’t feel like enough.

Is It Ever Enough?

Does that sound familiar, Buttercup?

>>Do you struggle wanting more, while simultaneously wanting to be satisfied with everything you already have?<<

*Oh, sweet soul, I’ve been there, too.*

What if I told you they were two sides of the same coin? Hustle and gratitude don’t have to work in opposition to each other. They actually belong side-by-side.

>>If you aren’t satisfied with what you have now, what you want in the future isn’t going to satisfy you either.<<

Expressing desire for what you want after being appreciative of what you have today will prevent you from running in circles.

The beauty of development is the constant state of growth. 

>>The hustle doesn’t last forever, but discipline and work ethic will.<<

Now, some people may disagree with me, but I don’t want to grind until the grave.

But I also believe that if I am starting a business, have a massive opportunity, or make a pivot, there is a level of growth and grind as you learn something new.

After you reach your goals, do you have to work as hard as you always have? No.

  • The more you do something, the easier it becomes.
  • The more you do something, the better you build your systems.
  • The more you do something, the more time you get back.

Let’s say, for example, that you have a goal to have a million-dollar business…

When you reach that goal and it functions like a well-oiled machine, you could take a big step back from your business, hire additional team members and virtual assistants, and have a 4-hour work week. 

*If that is what you want to do, I will clap that up allllll day!*

But, if you are the kind of person whose dreams continue to expand with each passing year, then I’ll clap that up, too!

>>Regardless of the path you choose, gratitude is the antidote to endless desire and envy.<<

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Gratitude will keep us grounded as we temper our external desires and focus on internal satisfaction.

And that is exactly what I wish for you, my friend.

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