Is Productivity + Balance a Joke?

Perhaps it makes me nosy, or downright creepy, but I’ve always wanted to see how other people work.  What does an actual day look like for them?

What I see (heck, what any of us see), is .1% of reality, so, what’s the other 99.9% like?

Today I want to share a peek into what an extra 1% looks like for me. Emphasis on “for me”. My schedule is by no means a suggestion, merely a (tiny) look into my work day.

Note: While I have designated times to be with my daughter, Luna, she’s in and out of my office all day, every day. Toddler tea parties, book readings, and adding Bandaids to her injured teddy bears are not denoted.

Mondays are packed with meetings (per my request), so it frees up the rest of my week to work ON the business, and not IN the business.

JD, my husband and business partner, spends his day mostly with Luna and works during her two-hour nap. This has been the biggest change in our business partnership since he was doing a lot more in the business, but we planned for him to step back while we raise our daughter until she’s in school.

Wednesdays are reserved for content and reviews and strategy sessions, most of which I depend on JD for, so getting help from Luna’s abuelita (grandma) is a life-saver.

Thursdays are outward-facing content days (Social Curator coaching, podcast interviews, filming, etc.).  I’ve found that as an introvert, I try to save my energy for concentrated days of the week and then prioritize my solo time for creating and thinking big-picture.

I debated sending this email because–wow–this is BORING, but I love creating the things I want to see from others.

This weekly note is simply a way to document my journey, share my approach, and–hopefully–help you along the way. What a privilege.

Google calendar is my best friend,