Is Your Facebook Page a Tired Wasteland Filled with Crickets? (#drama)

It’s embarrassing to admit, but in a past life (ummm not THAT long ago), I’d hide under a blanket, scroll through my Facebook feed and wonder how my biz nemesis *always* knew the right words to say…

(She made it look so easy-breezy, beautiful CoverGirl, ya know?)

This chick had *so* much to say. All. The. Time. And it’s not like she was obnoxious, either…

On the contrary, she was actually kind of dare I say it? inspiring.

And there I was, stumped and silent….doomed a wallflower, forever.

Heck, I barely visited my Facebook page, because when I *did* visit, it felt like I was hosting the most lame-o party, ever

A party where I’m standing in the center of the room hugging a sangria bowl even though I only have two friends (and my sweet mama) in the house to slurp it up.

Honestly, when it came to showing up on Facebook, I *really* believed I had nothing important, witty or new to say. And when I did finally work up the courage to speak up, I’d second guess myself and surrender to my Fear.

I thought I’d never be seen, unless I paid some serious Benjamins for a hefty Facebook ad campaign.  How could I possibly keep up when I wanted to give up?  Maybe you’ve been there, too but…

It was time for me to get over myself and use this powerful platform to speak up.

So, I started studying all the major Facebook accounts for literally months (hello, stalker mode!).  I figured out the secret formula to “success” on Facebook pages and profiles and I started testing these strategies to make them work for me.  I discovered the ONE THING these most popular, highly-engaged Facebook pages have in common…

The business owners behind ‘em SHOW. UP. DAILY.

They post with consistency. They post with purpose. They post with intention.

And, they post with a plan (← that’s what I’m about to give you!).  That plan, my friend, changes everything.


If you’re not making Facebook work for you, you’re missing out on the biggest party out there (…it’s like homecoming, graduation and Meghan and Harry’s wedding ALL rolled into one).

This is where the FREE 5-Day Facebook Challenge struts into the room, looking all studly and stuff…

  • I’ve developed a 5-day turnkey challenge that wrangles the objective you care about most: ENGAGEMENT.


When you join me in this Challenge, you’ll get a bunch o’ goodies every day, including:

  • Attention-grabbing, mad-lib style status update templates you can cut-and-paste into your FB page (take THAT writer’s block!)
  • Fresh, engagement-building photo ideas, so you can show up every day without questioning yourself (you’ll know what kind of pics will actually get ‘likes’ and ‘shares’)
  • Gorgeous photos you can post each day, if you don’t have the time or energy to style, shoot and edit scroll-stopping visuals on your own (these images are ALL YOURS no credit needed)
  • A private, pop-up Facebook community where you can bounce around ideas and have your Qs, A-ed by moi

And the best part? Each daily challenge only takes 5-10 minutes!  If you want to create change, you need to change your approach.

Time to turn down the lights, turn up the volume and break out the noise blowers your Facebook party is about to get packed!

*Woot woot!*