It Reminds Me of Us.

We rushed to beat the dinner rush on Friday night at one of our favorite restaurants, so we dodged casual walkers on Abbot Kinney like puddles in a storm. Wait, stop… I said as we passed a store. Its window was cluttered with hundreds of things that make me happy (books, scented candles, scarves, and notecards), so I begged for a quick detour. Inside the store, I lit incense, I tested hand lotion, tried on a hat, then opted for a new set of stationary. At the register I noticed a silver necklace with two interlocking circles.

Jasmine, you don't need another necklace.
Ooooh, but I love it…
Yes, but you don't need this one.
JD, it reminds me of us though!

A few minutes later, the cashier rang up my stationary and necklace, then whispered I'm so gonna hafta use that line with my boyfriend soon…

Internet, I'm here to help.

And, oh! Speaking of help, do you need assistance with your camera gear?

I use the Airport Addicted 2.0 camera bag from ThinkTank and I recently got the Airport 4-Sight to see if it'd help transporting our gear (we're traveling quite a bit and I figured the roller bag might help). It's too small for both our gear (but great for a single photographer), so I decided to give it away to one lucky blog reader instead of returning it. HOLLLLLA!

All you have to do is leave a comment in the box below (please make sure to list your email address when submitting) with your favorite quote and a winner will be announced this Wednesday. The single entry per person deadline to submit is tomorrow (Tuesday) at midnight PST, so good luck!

Happy Monday!

******THE CONTEST IS OVER********
Many CONGRATS to Vanessa Balenovich for winning with this quote: A friend told me that I was delusional. I almost fell off my unicorn.